Pure Romance by Marguerite Seckman


Pure Romance is about empowering, educating, entertaining, and inspiring women to enhance their intimate lives and to take charge of their sexual health.

Love a shopper's-high? That feeling you get when you score a great deal? Then you'll love the rewards you'll get when you host a party. You'll receive a hostess gift and a credit for 10% of your party's total sales toward any product on your wish list!

At your Pure Romance party a trained consultant will come to your house and provide a night of unforgettable fun for you and your girlfriends. From innovative ways to spice up your relationship to sexual health information that you wished you learned a long time ago, a Pure Romance party is anything but typical. And unlike shopping at a store or online, your guests will be able to learn exactly how each product works and how it can enhance your most intimate moments.

Pure Romance parties are perfect for girl's nights, BACHELORETTE PARTIES, and any event!

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